Great grocery deals from the dollar store

Saving money on groceries is high on everyone's list. Places like the 99-cent Only Stores make it easy by stocking a wide variety of food items, including fresh produce. For example, a recent flyer from there advertised 2 lbs. of beef steak tomatoes for 99 cents, as well as cantaloupe or honeydew melons for 99 cents each.

My neighborhood dollar store, Dollarama, devotes two aisles to food items, which isn't a lot but I still found 10 brand name items that cost less there than buying them at a major grocery store in my area. You'll need to compare prices in your locality, but here are a few of the things I found:

The grocery store chain sells Jello brand instant puddings for $1.19 a package. The dollar store has Neilson instant pudding mix, 2 packages for $1, a savings of $1.38 on two packages.

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