Taco Trucks roll on!


The taco trucks of L.A. are still on the move. For now.

A Los Angeles County Superior Court judge on Wednesday overturned an ordinance passed in April by the County Board of Supervisors banning taco trucks from parking in one location for more than an hour.

Judge Dennis Aichroth ruled in favor of the roving taco trucks, stating in part that law was "too ambiguous to be enforceable" and was "arbitrary and not based upon any rational, intrinsic or natural basis." He also wrote that it effectively banned free trade. The Honor must love a good carne asada taco.

I've written about the controversial taco truck for WalletPop in the past. And I still stand by them as a beloved L.A. institution, a way for the working man to get a good meal at an affordable price. It's a conundrum, though, since I also stand by the small independent restaurant owners, who say their business is hurt by the existence of taco trucks.

To be sure, this reprieve is only temporary. It's probably only round one. And many legal battles loom ahead. So in the meantime, find your favorite taco truck and carb up!