Depressed over money, but can't afford a therapist? We have tips


There are more people these days going into therapy to discuss their financial stress and how it's wreaking havoc on their lives, according to a recent article in the Minneapolis Star-Tribune.

But the sick irony, of course, is that as people seek out help to talk about dealing with their financial stress, health insurance is paying less and less for people to see counselors and psychologists. One social worker is quoted in the story, saying, "The standard percentage paid by the insurance company used to be 80/20. Now it's 70/30 or 60/40."

It reminds me of a story a former boss of mine told me more than 10 years ago. He told me: "I was seeing a therapist, telling him how stressed I was because I didn't have enough money and could barely make ends meet. And then I said to him, 'Wait a minute, I'm paying you $75 an hour to tell you how stressed I am about my lack of money. Why am I doing that?' And I walked out of his office."