Cook's Illustrated Cookbooks: 50% off summer clearance sale


Daily Deal for Thursday, August 28: Cook's Illustrated cookbooks, 50% off.

What were you expecting to do with all those summer tomatoes and zucchini?

I'll tell you what. First, sign up for a free membership with Cook's Illustrated here. They're the folks who make cooking simple, even for those of us who can barely boil water.

Then go into the sit back and wait for your special offer email: a cookbook summer clearance sale, featuring 50% off some of Cook's best-selling titles.

For example, The Best 30-Minute Recipe book, usually sells for $35, now selling for $17.50 under this promotion. Baking Illustrated, also $17.50. Italian Classics usually sells for $29.95, is selling for $14.95 under this promotion.

In addition to these savings, you get a whole host of other freebies when you become a member, including instructional videos and recipe guides.

Bon appetit!