Yawn of a New Day

Sleeping on the Job


Try a couple of things for me: The next time you're in a meeting, yawn -- watch and see how many people follow suit. While you're reading this, count how many times you yawn. Not because the following information will bore you (at least I hope not) -- keep reading and you'll see why.

The theories surrounding the cause of yawning are abundant. One is that our body stimulates yawns to draw in more oxygen or remove built-up carbon dioxide. Another is that yawning began with our ancestors, who yawned to show their teeth and intimidate others. A different -- and more common -- conjecture is that we are just plain tired.

Nearly half (46 percent) of Americans feel they are more tired than ever before, according to a new survey conducted by Harris Interactive and commissioned by Diet Pepsi MAX. More importantly, 31 percent blames the workplace as the culprit of their sleepiness.