EBay changes turning off more customers?


Chalk up another public relations problem for eBay, the uber-successful company that can't seem to get it right anymore. Oh sure, eBay is still raking in money hand over fist, but who knows how long that will continue if the company keeps alienating its bread and butter.

Last week eBay announced a fee change that could likely entice more sellers to the site: Sellers will now pay 35 cents to list as many of the same fixed price items as they want, instead of charging a fee to list each item separately. This sounds good, although critics say that this new move favors larger sellers and puts very small sellers at an economic disadvantage.

This change was paired with a nother controversial change that may turn off some sellers and buyers. Starting in mid-October, eBay will only allow sellers to accept electronic payments, including credit card, PayPal, or ProPay. Sellers will not be able to accept cash, check, or money orders.