Too fuel for school: Gas prices causing changes in school districts around the country


Will the great recession of 2008, result in school children spending less hours in school? Due to record fuel prices and the mortgage crisis, school districts have less funds to meet budgets.

As a result, some are fewer daily bus routes, the loss of field trips, and shorter school weeks. school days. The result has put the brakes on some school bus companies, and caused students to start walking.

Long a reality of the learning experience, exploration outside of the classroom has been common practice at most schools for years. Feeding the imagination and a world beyond neighborhoods, visits to other cities and national capitals have been increasingly a part of the learning experience. Less so now. In a survey by the American Association of School Administrators, 44% of school systems are cutting back on student field trips to help minimize the impact of rising fuel and 32% were considering cutting field trips for the upcoming school year.