Chart Top 25 Weekending August 17th


Looks like I missed last weeks sales chart! Jeez! Last week must have been really tough. Strangely no complaints on the missing sales charts?

Fishdom has taken over the top sales spot and deservedly so. It's a great little game that's a mix between the Bejeweled type games and Fish Tycoon. So fun and really enjoyable.

Click on the links below to play:
#1 Fishdom
#3 Burger Shop
#4 Monopoly by Parker Brothers
#5 Monopoly Here & Now Edition
#6 Jewel Quest 2
#7 Jojos Fashion Show
#8 Jojos Fashion Show 2 Las Cruces
#9 Supermarket Mania
#10 Go-Go Gourmet: Chef of the Year
#11 Virtual Villagers III- The Secret City