World's largest collection of vinyl, worth $50 million, on sale for $3 million


Those of you who love, and I mean REALLY love music, imagine for a moment owning 3 million LPs and 300,000 CDs covering the full gamet of American music, from Rudy Vallée to Jay-Z, Edison to Enelmedio. All this and more can be yours, if the price is right. That price is $3 million.

Over half of the collection of Paul Mawhinney, built over sixty years, is unused, and includes 78s (ask your grandparents), 45 singles, LPs and CDs. Stated another way, the collection contains 57 YEARS of music. Compare that to the play time on your iPod, if you dare. The collection, which as been appraised at $50 million, is housed in a 16,000 square foot, air-conditioned warehouse.

The owner, publisher of the most recognized guide to buying and selling records, Music Master, hopes to sell the collection to a museum or other not-for-profit that will archive it properly. However, lacking this, he will entertain other offers. According to Gizmodo, Mawhinney's going price du jour is $3 million. What a steal of a deal! Give me a turntable and some Costco emergency food supplies and set me loose in the stacks. I might never be heard from again.