Games Pentathlon - Stamps and What You Need to Know.


UPDATE - THE PENTATHLON IS OVER. Stamps from the Pentathlon are no longer available.

We're now ten days into our Pentathlon and there are a couple of things that are abundantly clear.

  1. People love their stamps and are playing hard to get them.

  2. There is some confusion as to what and when of stamps.

First off, you can review the official stamps info at the play and win page. The play and win page is located HERE
Here is the breakdown on the stamps with sweet HUGE images.

Gin Rummy Pentathlon 08 Stamp.
Gin Rummy Pentathlon 08 Stamp.


This here is the Gin Rummy stamp. It's a tough stamps to win due to the fact that it requires your skill to dominate opponents. What you need to do to earn this beauty is defeat your opponent via shut out. You must complete a WHOLE Game and not just a hand. Not easy to do. To quote a famous on-screen philosopher .
"Look, good against remotes is one thing. Good against the living? That's something else."

(Bonus: Who said it? Please put your answer in the comments)
This stamp has been awarded over 3,000 times since the Pentathlon began

Hearts Pentathlon 08 Stamp
Hearts Pentathlon 08 Stamp

The Hearts Pentathlon stamps is a tricky one. All you need to do is win a full match of hearts and have the lowest score. It is much easier said than done. I for one could not win this one. Since August 8th over 2,500 people have won this stamp. It is surely possible to achieve!

(Bonus: Can you name an alternative name to the game hearts?)