Crocs: Eating its own success?


The brightly colored Crocs were all the rage a year or two ago. Originally designed for gardening, their popularity quickly spread to toddlers, teens, teachers and other professionals. It was not uncommon to see Crocs at the mall, at work and even in church. But now, the company that couldn't keep up with demand has Crocs piling up in warehouses. The stock price has fallen dramatically from its heights earlier this year, when it was trading around $75, and the stock plunged nearly 51% in July after the company lowered its second-quarter guidance. There is even a new escalator warning cautioning folks not to wear Crocs on escalators. Apparently a few people have had exposed toes stuck in the steps.

What happened to Crocs? They simply were a victim of success. They became so popular, they are no longer unusual or unique. No one stops to ask you where you got them or if they are comfortable, because they are everywhere and they also probably own a pair. Crocs changed from being "cool" to being "dork."