College fun on the cheap

hallway partyLast week when I covered how much money college students need for personal items and entertainment, I alluded to the countless options for having fun in college while avoiding credit card debt and frivolous spending.

Money Smart Life has pulled together a broad list of five ways to have fun in college on the cheap. Truth be told, it isn't hard to do; no matter what size your university is, there are bound to be loads of low cost entertainment opportunities. The list, compiled by Money Smart Life, includes many of the old college standbys, but features a few new ways to get your kicks on a budget.

I can totally get behind their suggestion of a Wii-party -- complete with age appropriate drinks; I spent a good portion of my junior year schooling my neighbors in Tiger Woods Golf without spending more than a fiver for the night.
Another really great way to save money is to find out where your closest dollar theater is and take full advantage. In school, I was lucky enough to have an independent theater where you could enjoy a new release, and popcorn, for a mere $5. Money Smart Life also recommends checking out the local music scene for cheap musical entertainment, and even small colleges that don't have as many bands on campus probably are surrounded by coffee shops and bars that provide free weekly musical acts (not to mention a fine selection of drink specials.)

I can't stress how much you should take advantage of these cheap options for entertainment when you can. I still have my college ID in my wallet, so that I can take advantage of the student prices on tickets and drinks when we are out. You don't have to go cheap all the time, of course. Splurging on a big name concert as part of a cross country road trip at least once in your college career should be as mandatory as Humanities, but you don't need to take three a semester. I subscribed to the cheap entertainment philosophy when I was in school and had a nice bit of cash packed away after graduation to help me cross over into the world of grown ups...who have to pay full price for most things.

What are or were your favorite ways to have fun while in college without blowing a month's pay in one night?
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