High school reunions: worth every penny


I'm not exactly sure why I didn't want to go to my 20th high school reunion. I just didn't, from the moment that first invitation came over email. I had several flimsy excuses, which I'm guessing are pretty typical for everyone who has to decide whether they're going to go to their reunion or not. In any case, my reasons for not wanting to go went something like this:

It cost too much. It was going to be a two-night affair over a Friday and Saturday night, a $50 per person expenditure, and I was initially under the impression that it was $50 per person a night, which would have cost $200 for my wife and I to go. It's a sum of money, but nothing outlandish, and as I later learned, I had read the invitation a little too carelessly; it was $50 per person for both nights.

I wasn't overly overjoyed with what I was seeing in the mirror. Back in high school I was kind of a scrawny kid, but I've bulked up over the years, probably adding 60 pounds to my frame, which is easily 30 pounds too much. The idea of going to a reunion when you look better than ever -- that's appealing. Going to a reunion, looking like you've been spending your life auditioning for Oreo cookie ads, not so much.