Good Grief! Issues with

icanhazcheezeburger LOLcat
icanhazcheezeburger LOLcat

There are no two ways two ways about it - last week was a terrible week for and AOL Games.
We had two separated outages and issues with log in status over the weekend. This is unacceptable and on behalf of the games team I apologize for the trouble.

In fact there were two entirely separate issues at work here. The first issue affected games on Wednesday and Thursday nights and the second started late Friday running through the Sunday morning. They were not related strangely enough!

Technology can be a tricky thing and quite often in the rush to repair one issue another can come up to compound the problems. In this case the two items were unrelated but equally frustrating to repair. As soon as we were able to lock down the problems we set about repairing them. While these issues did last several hours our team work as hard and as fast as they could to get them repaired.

We are glad to say the the biggest problems (Stars, playing as a guest and stamps) were repaired by Sunday morning (Eastern Time) The second big and annoying issue was the messages of Tripeaks Solitaire being broadcast across games - was repaired this morning.

That's about all the problems we had to sort out this weekend. I want to take this time to say how sorry we are for all the issues. We know you have a choice in your game play destination and know that you are the most passionate and caring community on the web. It´s the games teams job to give you all a fun, easy and stable gaming home and this weekend we didn´t hold up our end of the bargain. Please rest assured that all the the necessary steps are being taken to prevent these problems for happening again.

Thank you all for your patience and continued support of and AOL Games.
If you have any questions comments or just want to chat, drop me a line.

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