From "glass ceiling" to "glass cliff"? Give me a break!


For years, we've heard about the glass ceiling for women. This imaginary thing that holds them back from moving up the corporate ladder, especially when it comes to upper management positions. I believe that it no longer exists on a wide scale, and that women are represented in extremely small numbers at the top of corporate America because of the life choices they make.

Yes, there are instances of discrimination against women. But I don't believe there's a wide scale conspiracy by men to hold women down. Companies want the best talent available, no matter the gender or other irrelevant characteristics. They'd be stupid to not promote a qualified woman just because she's a woman. Women are kept out of the higher ranks because, by and large, there aren't enough of them with the requisite experience for the positions.

And now we have a new concern... Something referred to as a "glass cliff." Corporations are being accused of putting women "...into risky, difficult jobs where the chances of failure are higher." No, this isn't a joke. People really believe this. First women aren't being promoted enough, and now they're being promoted because someone wants them to fail.