Broadway rips a page from the airlines and charges more for the aisle


Did you think it would take long? Broadway theaters, which collectively are Manhattan's top tourist attraction, have figured out a new way to wring a little more out of showgoers: Charge 'em more to sit on the aisle. Hey, it's working for Northwest.

Aisle seats are always the first seats to be sold. They have more legroom, which is in low supply in New York's century-old houses. Although it's considered bad form to dash out to the bathroom in the middle of a live performance, having a spot on the aisle makes emergencies a cinch. Celebs, too, like to sit there since it enables a quick getaway once the curtain comes down.

And the kicker probably won't surprise you: These aisle seats can only be purchased in pairs, one next to the other. Only one of the seats will actually be on the aisle. You'll still pay the extra charge on both, though.