Booked that low-cost fare online? You may be stranded


Imagine you've booked a flight online. Everything went perfectly: You found the seats without a problem, you got a confirmation, and everything seemed good to go.

Except you get screwed. When you show up at the airport, bags in hand, Ryanair, one of Europe's largest low-cost airlines, tells you nope, sorry, can't fly because of how you booked. You should have booked at our own website, it says. Take it up with the people who sold you the ticket.

Last week, that's what in store for some 3,500 passengers who booked on Ryanair, despite the fact they hold paid reservations. That's roughly the equivalent of about 27 full planeloads. And more rejections are coming, because as of Aug. 26, the cancellations become a matter of daily policy.