A little tight on dough? Sell your soul!


A while back, I read about Walter Scott, a New Zealand man who decided to sell his soul to the highest bidder. After his online auction was taken down, he was contacted by Hell Pizza, a New Zealand pizza chain. Recognizing the publicity value that could be gleaned by this stunt, the chain offered Scott $3,800 for his soul. He agreed, and his soul now belongs to Hell (Pizza, Inc.).

This isn't the first time that a soul has gone up for sale on an internet auction site. In 2001, Adam Burtle, a student at the University of Washington, received a $400 bid for his soul before eBay yanked his listing. A few years later, Hermant Mehta offered his soul for sale, again on eBay. Basically, he agreed to visit whichever church the winner chose. Ultimately, Jim Henderson, a minister from Washington state, won the auction with a $504 bid. Mehta donated the money to the Secular Student Alliance and wrote up his soul-selling experiences in a book, I Sold My Soul on eBay.