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The Daily Deal for Thursday, August 14th is: Whatever's on the website.

This 3-month-old website features one great baby or maternity-related deal a day; everything from crib wedges to fleece baby blankets to the coolest of new diaper bags...all at between 50% to 80% off, until supplies last.

These Kee-Ka certified-organic Jacquard cotton baby blankets come in yummy colors and are huge (47 X 36), making them an eco-fabulous choice for tummy time at the park, beach, or living room. Brown is sold out as of this writing, but nummy pink is still available, and at $22.08, 54% off retail price of $48, it indeed qualifies as a steal.

Not surprisingly, deals go very fast. Miss it? Don't worry. There's a brand new deal put up every single day at 9 a.m. MST (and since we know you're exhausted, here's a site that will make calculating what time (and/or day) it is in Salt Lake City, where the site is based.)

You're a new parent, granted. You're probably a little blurry and slow on the trigger. But you're gonna be up anyway, so why not bookmark this site and wait for the deal to hit. You can also improve your chances of scoring a great deal by subscribing to the site's deal alert feed.