Washington Times columnist cheated by Pre-Paid Legal


In the age of the internet, companies have to constantly worry about angry consumers telling the world their troubles. I'm thrilled that the internet has given consumers a voice. Previously, companies could do as they wished with their customers, and the chances of anyone finding out were slim. Now that's not the case as blogging is a tool available to anyone with access to a computer.

Companies need to be more careful in how they deal with customers, especially if their customers have a very large platform from which to shout about their experiences. Imagine what happens when a Washington Times columnist gets cheated by multi-level marketing company Pre-Paid Legal....

Kate Tsubata had a Pre-Paid Legal membership at one time, but quickly canceled it when she and her husband realized it didn't cover any of the things they needed and believed were covered. 20 months after canceling their membership, they realized that they had been charged $12.95 a month for a Pre-Paid Legal service they didn't sign up for.