JetBlue's $7 pillow: Tossing and turning in the wild blue yonder


Last year, despite serious competition, JetBlue gained pre-eminence among America's airlines. While most carriers were locked in a battle to see who could provide the worst, most dangerously contemptuous service to their customers, the bargain airline emerged triumphant.

This year, amid rising gas prices, airlines have had to cut back further and further, increasing JetBlue's competition for worst airline. However, in spite of some companies' decisions to charge for all checked bags, not to mention a wide variety of other silly fees, JetBlue has once again soared to the front of the pack. In addition to charging for second checked bags, onboard drinks, and "extra" legroom, the airline is now making passengers pay for pillows and blankets.

I've tried to stop criticizing America's airlines. After all, every week or two, the airlines come up with a new way to extort a few more pennies out of their customers; to be honest, the novelty has worn off. Also, every time I question the policies of America's major airlines, I immediately get hit with a litany of complaints from airline employees. I've been told, time and again, that I don't know what it's like to run an airline, I have no idea about the difficulties that airlines go through, and I should take it easy on the tender feelings of our nation's major carriers. I've even started to feel like kind of a bully, as if my modest little posts are inflicting long-term psychological damage on the airline industry.

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