HDTV and LCD monitor prices set to fall agian


This coming Fall it looks like prices for LCDs will once again plummet as consumer demand has tapered off leaving excess stock in the retail channels. It seems that early in 2008 manufacturers of LCD displays shipped a record number of LCDs especially large ones, which coupled with a faltering economy has turned the HDTV and display business into a "buyer's market". This price drop comes on the heels of a spat of price cuts in May of this year as Sony began to drop prices on its Bravia line.

The price drop is coming because of simple economics, and consumers should hold off at least until September to pick up any large LCD displays. If you are hanging on for another month or two before making the purchase it would be a good time to sock away more money towards your new TV rather than putting it on your credit card. If you can hold off until November, I wouldn't be surprised to see rock bottom prices on name brand LCDs. If prices drop enough you can toss a 42' LCD into that house you're still trying to unload and throw it in with the purchase. In this market you gotta try something!