Clue is latest product to get a brand makeover


Product not selling like hot potatoes (or Mr. Potato...) anymore? The answer to your problems may be a brand makeover. The latest to engage in a major-scale renovation is the classic board game Clue. Hasbro is giving the 60-year-old setting, characters and weapons a modern-day wash.

The mansion is getting a renovation and now has rooms like a spa, theater and guest house, according to NPR, which interviewed Rob Daviau, the man who crafted the campaign. There will also be nine weapons instead of six, losing the lead pipe and adding a trophy, ax and baseball bat. Colonel Mustard lis now a former football star and Mr. Plum is a dot-com millionaire.

Will this be enough to get a new generation interested in the game? Monopoly has stayed in favor for many years by constantly offering new versions of itself, using movie characters and basically any brand association that is willing ot pay its licensing fee. M&M's just announced a rebranding effort earlier this week.