Charlie Sheen pays bill in nickles; great way to protest responsibly?


Many is the time I've been tempted to show up at a particularly annoying dentist's office or cable company with buckets of pennies to pay my bill and say sayonara. Hey, I may just be dropping off my last deposit at Bank of America this Friday...

Bravo to Charlie Sheen (setting aside, for the moment, his relationship skills and sobriety) for protesting a bill he didn't care to pay -- the $380 his children's pediatrician charged for vaccinations -- by paying in nickels. Sheen was peeved with the doctor for proceeding with immunizing his kids at the behest of ex-wife Denise Richards, and against Sheen's wishes. (The doctor says he'll donate the money to charity, which somehow makes me angry, it's co-opting Sheen's PR stunt.)

As a statement of protest, I think paying in small change is a fantastic way to thumb your nose at the bill while still avoiding collections charges, especially if the person responsible for handling said change has something to do with having stuck you with the bill in the first place. (Showing up at a Verizon store in the mall with 2,000 dimes may not be the best way to protest those exorbitant extra-minute fees.) And if you can get some TV crew or newspaper reporter willing to commit the act to photos? Hey, all the better.

Have you ever paid a bill in small change? Would you?