Preposterous products: the perfect solution to 'uneven slice' spats


"He got a bigger slice of that cake than me!" Oh, how many times I've heard that in my life; and I'm not even an HR Director. The problem of fairly parsing a pie, cake or other round treat has bedeviled parents as long as there have been children and round treats. So why was the answer, so obvious, thousands of years in the making?

Thankfully, the Fair Share Cake Plate solves the problem ( but not cheaply; $45 will buy a lot of even-up cake). The platter, which resembles a large compass with degree demarcations on the periphery, will allow you to cut slices precisely alike. Of course, a little geometry will come in handy. Here's a cheat-sheet.

Cutting into 12 slices = 30 degrees per slice
16 slices = 22.5 degrees
24 slices = 15 degrees
31 slices = no cake for you!

And don't even mention the problem of a cut that wanders as it plunges through the Z axis.