British idealist tries to travel without money, fails miserably

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hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy

So did you hear the one about the young British idealist, the one who subscribes to the Freeconomy movement, which says the world would be much better off if we didn't spend money and just shared stuff with each other? Well, this guy, Mark Boyle, decided he would walk all the way from England to India without bringing any cash or credit cards. He said he'd simply rely on the kindness of strangers to prove it can be done and to drum up supporters for the Freeconomy Community. He chronicled his journey on a blog. Of course, the press was notified, too.

Seems possible, right? Except four weeks into his trek, barely on the other side of the English Channel, he quit, claiming he couldn't get enough food or sleep. The French, he complained, wrote him off because they thought he was a "freeloading backpacker."

There's some things about this story that make me skeptical, such as: