Multi-level marketing plans systematically flawed


I've been studying multi-level marketing for several years, and Robert FitzPatrick has been studying the industry even longer. He's been qualified as an expert witness in MLMs and knows a whole lot about the industry. He recently released a report on 11 large MLMs which demonstrates that a full 99% of participants lose money.

I've believed for a long time that any business venture which boasts 99% failure rate is one to avoid. Quite predictably, the supporters of multi-level marketing plans exclaim that those who don't succeed (i.e. turn a profit) have not worked hard enough or have not done the right things. Really? Could it really be that all 99% of the participants in MLMs are lazy losers who don't try hard enough? I seriously doubt it.

Sure, any business venture carries risk along with it. But FitzPatrick wrote recently on his blog that multi-level marketing is systematically flawed, and I agree with him. There's no such thing as a "good" MLM. People will suggest you "just haven't found the right one." Yeah. Ask the people who are on their eighth or ninth MLM and still haven't made any money.