What Happend To Games.com - Game Launch Page Change Overview


You may have noticed some changes to our site in the last week. We did a slight color change and rebuilt our games pages. The goal of these changes was as follows:
1. Make the site better looking.
2. Make getting help for a game easier.
3. Clean up the site overall.

Here is a quick visual rundown:

Games.com- Play Now Buttons
Games.com- Play Now Buttons

We've made the buttons on our launch pages bigger and with more descriptive icons.
You can see that some of our games now have 'single player' and 'multi-player' options.
Single player games you will play by yourself or against computer opponents.

Games.com- We Check Your Computer Settings.
Games.com- We Check Your Computer Settings.

Our game pages now check your computer to make sure you meet top level system requirements like JavaScript, Java, your browser type or whether you need Flash. If any of those items are not compatible the check mark will be a red x rather than a green check.
If you don't meet the requirements there are links to help you install the necessary software.