Freebie deals for moms-to-be (and new moms)


Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt may score millions for their twins but there are tons of opportunities for non-celebrity new parents to earn rewards. While little Junior (or June) might not generate $14 million, there are numerous freebies offered by large conglomerates that don't include selling the 8lb 7oz tyke. That's right --you can keep 'em. Whether your sleep-deprived brain can focus long enough to find these deals is another matter. That's where we come in. Here are a few of the great freebie finds we've found for you and your newest addition:

Enfamil Family Beginnings program offers free gifts for expectant parents. If you register for free at, or at many doctors offices across the country, new parents will receive a diaper bag with samples, a feeding kit, and a free portrait offer from JCPenney. Parents can also receive up to $60 in formula rebate checks.

Not to be outdone, in May rival formula-maker Similac relaunched its Welcome Addition Club as Strong Moms to connect mothers online. In addition to advice, the Web site provides month-by-month guides on pregnancy and baby development, as well as many free samples of its product.