Scammer poses as out-of-gas motorist


A special circle of hell should be reserved for those who scam good Samaritans. Include in that category a Texas driver who posed as a motorist stranded on the highway by an empty gas tank. According to the AP, as a patrolman stood talking to the perp, a helpful motorist pulled up and handed the man a full 1-gallon can of gas.

After the cop found that the perp had an outstanding warrant, he arrested him. When he opened the trunk of the man's Cadillac, he found four more full cans of gas. Apparently, the perp had been working the scam for a while, convincing motorists to buy him not only gas, but gas cans as well.

I've been hit up for a few gallons of gas from the driver of an adjacent car while I'm filling up at gas stations, and for gas money while catching a meal at a fast food restaurant, both times by people that appeared more than capable of earning a few bucks at casual labor. Stories such as this can only make it more difficult for those truly in need to get the help they need. The good Samaritans are only out a few bucks; the people really hurt by this scam are the truly needy.