Proposed fast food moratorium in L.A. is the wrong approach

Don't look for the bright shiny new KFC anytime soon in South Central. Today Los Angeles will vote on whether to ban new fast food restaurants from opening in a wide-swatch of low-income area of town for a year. The reason? Obesity has soared in those areas.

The proposal, put together by councilwoman Jan Perry, would place a one-year ban on any new fast food restaurants opening in a 32-mile radius. About 500,000 residents, largely lower income citizens, would be affected.

Perry has said the idea behind the proposed moratorium, which could be extended for up to two years, was to offer residents of her district healthier food choice. The L.A. Department of Public Health last year released a study showing that that 30% of children in South Central were considered obese, compared to 25% of children city-wide.