Tony Robbins offers some 'tips' for the tough economy


I don't like Tony Robbins or any of his contemporaries charging $5 thousand for pseudoscience-filled seminars full of power of positive thinking drivel.

In a recent appearance on the Today Show (watch the video below), Tony was his usual self: animated, well-groomed, compelling, and completely lacking in anything resembling substance.

When asked by Matt Lauer about how Americans can deal with soaring mortgages and a sagging stock market, Robbins replied that oil, gold, and food have been soaring (Duh!), and that people who decide to spend n Vietnam would "see their money go a long way." Sweet! When is the next flight?

Pressed about what people could do on a practical level about tough financial situations, Robbins suggested that they could "train themselves emotionally." If you're not sure how to do that, Tony can teach you: for $795 at one of his "Unleash the Power Within" events.

Then he made a reference to Sir John Templeton who famously did well by diving into stocks after the Great Crash. Robbins suggested that people could "go to where maximum pessimism is", a classic contrarian investment strategy.

Of course that completely contradicts his point about investing in oil or betting against the dollar that he made about 30 seconds earlier, but that's no problem. Tony Robbins isn't about advice or help: he's about motivation and sales. I know I'm going to get blasted by Robbins' followers here, so I have a challenge: watch this clip and tell me what exactly people who are struggling can take away from it to improve their lives: explain in detail without using any clichés. The person with the best response will receive good vibes.