$1 cereal: save with Malt-O-Meal!


As a lifelong lover of cereal, soaring commodity costs have been messing with my head. The tipping point was a recent trip to New York City when a supermarket was charging $5.69 for a 14 ounce box of shredded wheat.

Now that I'm back on Cape Cod, cereal is somewhat more affordable but, as you may have noticed, they've been shrinking the boxes lately. On a recent visit to Stop & Shop, I came face to face with the company that is my new hero: Malt-O-Meal, which sell high quality cereal in resealable plastic bags at a price of 99 cents each (At Stop & Shop, and it wasn't a sale!) for 12 ounces, at least 75% off comparable name-brand products in carboard boxes.

I'm eating a bowl at this very moment and, honestly, I don't think it tastes any different. Even better, because the packaging is just the plastic instead of the usual cardboard and plastic, this is one bargain item that qualifies as green-friendly.

To find a store offering this discount cereal in your area, use the company's store locater. Better yet, click here to print out some coupons that will make your first bags free!