Fantastic Freebies: 'alli' weight-loss book from Wal-Mart


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Wal-Mart giving away a book? Has the Grinch found religion? But if you click here and then click on "get the book free", you can get started on the "alli" program today. Here's the PR on it:

Losing weight is easier with support. That's why the alli program includes an individually tailored online plan called myalliplan. It was developed by nutritional and weight-management experts who understand the struggle to lose weight. When you register with myalliplan, you receive a customized online action plan, online tools to record your progress, connection to a network of other alli users and more.

The "alli" program is based i part on a diet bill which consumers should, as always, be skeptical of. But the free book can't hurt.