More on the workplace discrimination myth


This morning someone sent me a link to an article, expecting me to be outraged at the "sexist pig" who wrote it. Sadly, I fully agree with Steve Chapman of the Chicago Tribune, that the supposed pay gap between men and women in corporate America is a myth.

I made no friends at WalletPop when I wrote about this issue two months ago. I said then that the glass ceiling was a myth that is being perpetuated by women. Quite simply, if women are making less than men, it's because of career choices they've made. My female associates at WalletPop (especially the moms) were none too happy with this, and expressed that women have difficult choices to make when it comes to family and career.

I don't disagree in the least. Women's careers are often negatively impacted by the choice to have children and be involved in their lives. It's just disingenuous to claim that discrimination is the cause of the problem. It's not.