Shop off-season and save: world's best snow shovel, 50% off: $59.97

Daily Deal for Tuesday, July 22, 2008: Wovel snow shovel on a wheel, reg. $119.95, now $59.97 from manufacturer.

Recently I wrote a post about shopping by the anticalendar; buying in the off-season. Today's daily deal is a perfect example of this strategy. The Wovel snow shovel is a startlingly clever design, using a wheel to provide a fulcrum for levering snow off of your driveway and walk rather than lifting or shoving it. For those like me who hold their breath waiting for a heart attack every time they shovel the drive, this tool should be a godsend.

According to a study by a professor at U. Mass., the Wovel reduces the stress on the shoveler's lower back by 85%, and requires less than a third of the exertion needed to move the same amount of snow with a conventional shovel. If you're looking to save some gas, try putting the snowblower away and use a Wovel. The price is certainly right, and I doubt very much you'll find a long wait on the ordering line.