Look good and get a better job with a tailored suit


When it comes to getting a raise or getting a new job appearance matters. While you can clamor all you want about the usefulness of judging people by their appearance it has been shown time and time again that good looking well dressed people enjoy higher salaries and that many employers place your appearance including your attire above your college transcript when it comes to the hiring process. Personally for guys there isn't anything better than a tailored suit to make a great impression.

Purchasing a suit can be an expensive outing especially if you want one that is stylish and fitted to your measurements. When I went looking for a suit last month my options were to spend $400 and up on a custom tailored suit at a local establishment or shell out for big name stylish two piece at the local department store forgoing the elegance of a custom tailored solution. Thankfully before I purchased a new one I discovered that the handmade suit I picked up in Vietnam a few years back would make due as long as I didn't dish out any bear hugs at the reception. Since this isn't a long term solution and the airfare to fly back to Vietnam to pick up another custom tailored suit for $80 would outpace the savings I have been looking for an affordable tailored suit online.