Twitter makes the front page of the USA Today business section

I don't have a Twiiter, I've never had a Twitter, and I never will have a Twitter. But in a sign of social networking site's soaring popularity, and possibly of the apocalpse, the USA Today's business section has done a feature story on it.

For the uninitiated. here's a quick summary of how the site works: people sit at their computers (or cell phones/PDAs) and type what they're doing at that very moment -- watching a movie, driving, working, cooking, heart surgery, etc.

The site has grown exponentially in popularity over the past year, with a current rank of 939 on Alexa. That's good enough to make it one of the biggest destroyers of office productivity in the market. Here's the thing: if you're Tweeting about what you're doing, you're not really doing that. If you say "I'm cooking", that is not strictly speaking true. At that very moment you are Twittering.
My experience with Twitter comes from checking out the Twitter pages of friends and acquaintances. With the help of TweetScan, a site that lets your search Twitters from around the world, let me give you some examples of Tweeting that expose how silly this site is:
  • Morning all, start of another busy week
  • Man been a busy day today.
  • busy
  • Busy day. . .
  • is having an ultra busy Monday. Rush rush rush!
  • Still busy with lots of stuff
That's right: people who are so busy that they have time to log-on to a social networking site and Tweet about how they're so busy they just couldn't possibly do one more thing. Can you say blow-hard?

Productivity is a good thing, and being busy is a key to success: if you're have time to Tweet, you aren't busy and, if you have time to Tweet at work, there's a good chance you're a slacker.

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