Troll for government bargains with the GSA auction


You've surely seen video of the government's tests of new cars, where the crash test dummies are pummeled as the car hits a wall and crumples. But did you know you could buy those crashed cars? These and many other interesting items are sold by auction by the General Services Administration.

These auctions are held online at its auction web site. The actual items are housed in locations around the U.S., and it is left up to the winning bidder to retrieve them. Payment can be made by check or via the government's online payment system. Winners have 10 days to pick up the goods.

Items up for bid at the moment include a 2006 Rolls Royce Phantom (not a crash-tested one, either), six life rafts, a bulldozer, a heart/lung machine, a bingo machine, a centrifuge, a sigmoidoscope, a piano, 40 cal brass casings, and Bluebird school buses.

Bidding is a breeze; register and you're in the game. The site is updated regularly, so if you're a treasure hunter, this might be worth keeping an eye on.