Preposterous products: car exhaust cooker

Updated recently held a design competition for dining equipment, Dining in 2015. Buried among the high-fashion and over the top entries selected for the short list was the exhaust burger. The device, designed by seven Iranians, attaches to the exhaust pipe of an auto. The hot exhaust is directed through the cooker, heating the enclosed burger-shaped chamber beneath and cooking its contents. Cooking fumes are directed out with the car exhaust.

I might have thought the whole thing a joke if I wasn't familiar with whole cottage industry of engine block cooking, the carbecue, in which dishes are cooked under the hood as you drive. The video below shows how you too can make double use of the gasoline you burn in your car, and make delicious petroleum-scented meals.

The burger cooker, however, seems like too much of stretch. How would you know when the food was ready? What if your commute is too short (rare) or too long (lump of carbon)? And if the burger fumes are exhausted out the tailpipe, wouldn't that leave a stripe of hamburger grease down the centerline of the highway? Raccoons certainly don't need yet another reason to hang out on the pavement.