SkeeterVac mosquito eliminator, $99 off, Northern Tool & Equipment


The Daily Deal for Sunday, July 20, 2008

I just love mosquitoes. I love it when they chomp on me while I'm trying to get some work done outside. I love the way they bite my ankles when I'm working at my desk. I especially love it when their itchy little bites wake me up from a sound sleep. Yes, I love mosquitoes - when they die! That's why I find the SkeeterVac, CPSV3100 concept so enticing.

Using a simple bait and trap strategy, the SkeeterVac unit utilizes clean burning propane to create a carbon dioxide and water vapor mixture which mimics human breath. With the addition of a time released attractant lure, which can be adjusted for local conditions, the SkeeterVac is claimed to effectively draw in mosquitoes, like nothing you've ever seen. Then, when the mosquitoes get to the unit, it sucks them in with a powerful fan and doesn't let them go.

Northern Tool & Equipment is currently offering the SkeeterVac for $200. That price is a full $99 off their regular asking price. What's even better, is that the company offers clear and easy "Guaranteed Lowest Price" protection. The company indicates that if you find the identical item advertised nationally at a lower price, Northern Tool & Equipment will refund you 110% of your purchase price. Northern Tool & Equipment utilizes UPS shipping services. I checked their rates, based on my own zip code, and the company's shipping rates appear quite reasonable. Please review the company website for shipping rates and details.