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I love to try new foods and brands at the grocery store, but I really hate it when I end up with something disgusting. Since I'm cheap I usually keep it around while I try and think of a new way to use the item but eventually it just gets pitched. is helping fill this void with a grocery review site which also includes a social networking component which connects you with other reviewers who have similar tastes. This way you know whether or not those Fiber One granola bars are worth tossing in your cart. really shines for people with food allergies who may often have a limited product selection available to them at higher prices. For example the Tree Nut Allergy group of has several food reviews posted about items which are made in tree nut free facilities including one for frosting which ranks just one star letting others know to save their money. Since the initial review was posted several other users have chimed in to offer their opinions as well as suggestions for other frosting.

On top of everything it offers, also provides the nutrition information for all of the food in its database which is another handy tool for shoppers who would rather do their legwork from the couch rather than the aisle. The site is still growing which means not all of the products they list will have a review attached to it but over the few days I have played with it, the number of reviewed products appears to be growing. Zeer definitely has potential to be a great resource for shoppers looking to save money and waste less food. As the community and the database grows it will become an even better resource for savvy shoppers.