Insurance you did not know you could get


Worried about being abducted by aliens? Being mutilated by an enraged lover or having your dream wedding turn into a nightmare?

Fear not, there is insurance to cover these and many other risks that you might not have even considered. Insurance is not at all restricted to cars and houses and health anymore. If you can dream up a risky scenario, chances are there's a company out there willing to hedge a bet against it. Here are ten exotic policies that actually exist:

  • Alien abductions: The UFO Abduction Insurance Co. offers $10 million worth of coverage to anyone who can prove that they were kidnapped by extraterrestrials. But as with any insurance policy, it pays to read the fine print. The Florida company requires that claimants get the signature of an "authorized on-board alien" for their claim to be considered, said Mike St. Lawrence, the company president, in an interview. The policies, which cost $19.95, pay out in increments of $1 per year. Nonetheless, quite a few people take his policies seriously.

  • John Wayne Bobbitt: London-based insurance broker Goodfellow Rebecca Ingrams Pearson, which quit selling alien abduction policies after the Heaven's Gate mass suicide, offers coverage to men worried that they will get mutilated in the same way that gained Bobbitt notoriety, according to Investment News. No word on whether the policy includes psychological counseling.