Not worth it at the dollar store: dishwashing liquid


Dollar stores are great places to find bargains on any number of household needs but you can't always assume that, just because it's only $1, you're automatically getting the most bang for your buck. Prices and quantities may vary according to stores in your town, but going by my shopping list, here are 10 things you might want to go elsewhere for:

Dishwashing liquid
In order to sell brand names for a $1, dollar stores are reduced to selling these products in the smaller bottles. Thus, a 10.99 oz. bottle of Sunlight dishing liquid isn't as cost-effective as the larger bottle in most supermarkets. I saw a 32.123 oz. bottle of Sunlight for $1.97 in my neighborhood grocery store. That's more than 21 oz. more soap for an extra buck. No contest.

sunlight dishwashing liquid
sunlight dishwashing liquid

Buying the off-brands will get you still more for your money. In my experience, store brands are often just as effective as the name-brands. So drop the name and clean up for less.

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