Lean Pockets recall: But what if you already ate them?


We're used to hearing about national recalls. Lead-infested toys from China. Tomatoes that make you rethink the BLT you ordered last night. Baby cribs that might break. It happens all the time.

But, heck, it's not supposed to happen to me. It's supposed to be the other guy.

This morning, I had the queasy sensation of learning what it's like to finally have purchased a product that has been recalled. I felt something in my pocket and fished out a grocery store receipt, and glanced down and saw the words "Important Recall Notice."

Yawning (it was early), I kept reading: "Valued customer: You may have purchased the product listed below which has now been recalled." There was more, but I skipped it, looking at the words:



Now, if you're like me, and you've eaten some of these lately, and you haven't heard about the recall, you're probably right now thinking, "What the heck?"

So I read a little further, and there was the explanation: Product may contain pieces of plastic.

Lovely. Suddenly, I didn't need my morning jolt of caffeine. It had been provided for me.

The receipt explained how I could return the product for a full refund at my Kroger store, or people can call Nestle at 1-800-350-5016. In my case, however, I was slightly horrified for a few seconds because I've purchased at least three boxes of the "spinach artichoke chicken," and they're long gone.