Hire your own virtual nanny


First, there was Mary Poppins, and for a brief time, a short-lived 1970s sitcom called Nanny and the Professor. Then Supernanny, the popular ABC series, came along. And so I guess it should be no surprise that an entrepreneur has figured out a way to capitalize on America's interest in nannies. Welcome to NannysCircle.com.

It's a web site that's aimed at helping families organize themselves. As in the kids, just as much as the adults. In fact, if a family takes the web site to heart, I can envision how you do wind up with your very own virtual nanny.

And before you think to yourself (as I did), "Oh, brother. Can't parents take care of their own kids?" -- the rationale behind starting it was very admirable. It was built as an online tool to help provide structure and organization for families who had kids with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, or ADHD. But apparently it worked so well, that they're now offering it as a full-fledged family organizational tool for everyone.