Watch documentaries for free with SnagFilms


If you're a documentary buff, SnagFilms is the most exciting website to come along in a long time.

Here's how it works: go to and watch full-length documentaries for free, without registering or downloading software. Then, you can embed the movies on your website, and the "commercials" that are embedded in the movies pay for site, with half of the revenue going to the filmmakers.

So far the project has lured in some big hits: Super Size Me, Paper Clips, and What Would Jesus Do, to name a few of my favorites. A word of warning: it just launched today, in beta, and has a lot of kinks to be worked out. But the concept is great and should provide filmmakers with a way to generate additional revenue in a niche market where hits often attain a tiny fraction of the revenue that conventional films do.

For more information on the site, check out this USA Today piece.