Personal finance apps for the iPhone

iphone viewing Walletpop
iphone viewing Walletpop

Now that Apple has launched the App store for iPhones it is easier than ever to get a hold of your personal finances. Numerous companies have stepped in to fill the app store with personal finace applications ranging from free tip tools to $15 expense trackers. David at put in the effort to create a listing of many though not varied personal finance apps for the iPhone.

While there are enough tip calculators to let you eat out every night and still not have to use the same program to go dutch, split the tip and make sure you hit 20% there are quite a few worthwhile apps out there.

Applications which MoneyNing recommends include:

  • Bloomberg - Free app which keeps you up to date on stocks.

  • Budget - A nice budgeting tool with graphs.

  • Expense2Go - Free expense tracking app which makes use of the iPhone camera.

  • Mobile Banking - Free banking app for Bank of America customers.

  • Pocket Money - A feature rich expense tracking program.

  • Save Benjis - Free price comparison tool.

There are many more programs and further analysis of the pros and cons of each app, which is very useful since the App store currently doesn't offer any way to try out applications.

One part of successfully managing your personal finances is the ease with which you can do just that. Spending $5 to enable your iPhone to track your spending may be one of the best investments you make. Especially once you consider how much your new iPhone contract will cost you over the course of your 2 year agreement!