Make money teaching online with WiZiQ: special deal for WalletPoppers


Do you have expertise and a willingness to share your knowledge? You could turn your special skill into cash using an Internet site such as the new Premium service from WiZiQ. And the first 100 WalletPop readers can try it out for free!

WiZiQ acts as a clearinghouse connecting those interested in teaching online with those seeking that knowledge. The site operates on two levels; the basic membership matches student and teacher, and is free to both. The sessions can be held live, and recorded for later viewing as well. It is web-based, so you don't need to download some buggy, bloated program.

More interesting to me, though, is the new Premium member level ($49.95) which offers users the opportunity to make money from their specialized knowledge. For example, an expert in solar panel selection and installation could hold a class for those interested in installing this technology. The service includes live video and audio, but the best part to this setup, imho, is the interaction between student and teacher, including text chat; I could finally get reliable advice on how to set up such a system on my particular property, and ask those many questions I ask at Lowe's, to the consternation of the clerks. Premium service is also free of ads and allows up to 500 participants in a class.

WiZiQ allows the teacher to create and send invoices to the students, and allows the student to pay the teacher via PayPal or credit card. You'll need to have a PayPal account to receive these payments.

Interested in taking it for a test ride? The folks at WiZiQ have agreed to give a free year's premium service, normally selling for $49.95, to the first 100 WalletPop readers that visit the site. Simply enter the promotional code wiz99K in the designated field during the premium service signup process.

Anybody interested in learning how to follow a losing baseball team for decades without losing hope? How to build a $20 bird house using $100 of lumber and $500 worth of tools? How to drive while juggling a biggie drink, cell phone, GPS unit, a pen and note pad? Maybe my syllabus needs some work...