London is tops for parking fees


It's becoming even more expensive to own a car in London. A new survey shows that the city is the most expensive for parking in the entire world, with an average of $68.07 per day, or $1,166.87 a month. Actually, two London spots were top on the list -- the top rate for the financial district and a slightly lower rate of $1,135.76 monthly for the West End. When you add the rising cost of gas, which in London is around $9 a gallon, and all sorts of commuting taxes and surcharges that the city keeps trying to add, it may become hard for Londoners to maintain their vehicles.

A kind of distant third on the list was Sydney, Australia at $774.76 monthly, followed by Hong Kong and Perth. Elsewhere in the survey by Colliers International of 64 downtown areas in North America and 74 cities in Europe, parking was high in Stockholm, which was second in Europe and Santiago, Chile was tops in South America. Tel Aviv and Dubai were the highest in the Middle East and Africa. And the lowest rates were in Jakarta, where monthly parking is just $26.07, and Delhi, where the daily rate is just $1.75 for the day.